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Welcome to the one and only Thomson demoscene page !

As far as I know, this is the only site on the web to focus on demos on thomson computers (mainly TO8 and TO9+) despite my deep research...but if you think about it, perhaps it is no wonder :)

Thomson TO8
The MO* and TO* computers (MO5, MO6, TO8, TO9, TO9+) are 8 bit machines, based on Motorola 6809E (1 Mhz) and launched during the eighties by the French consumer electronics company Thomson... If you want to know more about Thomson range of computers, you should have a look on this page

As you can notice I have only a very small number of demos so far, so if you know/own some decent ones, please let me know!

* SAP (Système d'Archivage Pukall)(106 ko) : : demos are packed in .SAP format, so you may need this program to transfer them to floppy disk... Notice that it can transfer a Thomson floppy disk to an image file as well.


title author(s) type date screenshots size download
Chinese Stack Puls starfields, vidéo, tubes, vector balls, music. Best Thomson demo yet! 10/2004 #1 - #2 460 kb pompe !
Blue Cube Francois Mouret Cubes. Lots of them! 12/1997 #1 - #2 15 kb pompe !
HCL Megademo HCL group multipart : scrolltexts, rasters... 10/90 #1 - #2 175 kb get it!
Dimension Intro Dimension group 2 horizontal scrolltexts + starfield 08/91 #1 15 kb get it!
JFF Intro Goupil Brother really small intro quickly made in one hour : obviously not very advanced coding 06/98 -niet- 14 kb get it!
CCC Mega Demo CCC (Carca Cracking Compagny) small screen with a scrolltext in the bottom + music 11/88 #1 27 ko get it!

* Windows emulation: DCMOTO, universal Thomson 8 bit emulator
* Amiga emulation: AmiTO8 Homepage
* Games and Utilities download: Logiciels Moto
* Technical specs of the TO8: TO8 Presentation
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